Welcome to Cambodia. It’s all here to discover the kingdom of Cambodia – everything from secret chambers in lost kingdoms to buzzing cities. From untouched beaches on tropical islands to the grand Mekong meandering under bamboo bridges and who can forget the fabled temples of Angkor? Cambodia well deserves its nickname, the Kingdom of Wonder.

Cambodia is fast becoming a tourist hotspot and savvy travelers now make a point of spending a week, two or longer here. Riding through the capital, Phnom Penh in the back of one of the city’s famous tuk-tuks, the sights pass by the shining roofs of the Royal Palace, the red walls of the National Museum and the noble Wat Phnom where the city takes its name.

Siem Reap, the country’s second city is easily accessible by flight, coach or car. It is home to Angkor Wat – one of the famous landmarks in the world. The city feels like a quiet Mediterranean town and its warm streets are home to some of the country’s best restaurants and most luxurious hotels.

Ecotourism is the word of the day in Cambodia and no wonder, seeing as it is home to one of the last old-growth rain forests in Southeast Asia. There are forests in the North and Southeast of the country, coating the high Cardamom Mountains. Responsible tour operators there offer visitors the chance to spot rare wildlife, trek through virgin forests and kayak down Jungle Rivers.

Traveling – It makes you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

– Ibn Battuta

Ubiquitous temples represent the country’s deep Buddhist faith. Orange-robed monks walk the streets every day following traditions thousands of years old. The temples are stunning. Especially Preah Vihear, a holy site that has now been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And the beaches? They are unspoiled by development and retain their natural beauty. In Kep, the freshest crab and squid are pulled from sloshing sea and barbecued on the beach while nearby Kampot is a gorgeous colonial town.

Why not take a trip down 440km of coastline to Preah Sihanouk to check out the golden sands of Otres Beach? There is also a scattering of tropical islands there that will feel like your own private getaway.

Cambodia’s friendly people are only too keen to host foreigners and speak English and other languages with them. So don’t delay, visit Cambodia. Today!