Around Phnom Penh

Around Phnom Penh
Golden Cambodian Phnom Penh Grand Palace

Phnom Penh is a dynamic city with many attractions. There is the Royal Palace with its collection of antique dresses and classical art. A mere 100 metres from there is the National Museum situated in an area bursting with skilled artisan shops selling arts, statues and vintage items.

To access the spiritual heart of Cambodian Buddhism, everyone is invited to learn Buddhist meditation at Wat Langka in the heart of the city. Meditation sessions are taught by a senior monk and take place in a grand historical hall decorated with ornamental Buddha statues. Sessions take place at 6pm Monday, Thursday, Saturday and on Sunday mornings.
The modern world has taken Indian yoga to heart and Phnom Penh has two main studios situated in the trendy BKK1 district. Not far from there is Street 308 that has, in the last year, become home to the trendiest bars and restaurants in the city.

The Russian Market is so called because of the Russian expats who patronised its thronging pathways in the 1980s. Today it is home to sellers of ornaments, clothes and electronics. Its food area is the perfect place to sample Cambodian coffee or eat the staple “Bun Chao” – a rice flour pancake served with cooked minced pork and bean sprouts.